Thursday, 1 December 2011

Grrrrr.....One step forward, three steps back

Yesterday was a very frustrating knitting day. After my boys went for their afternoon sleep, I thought I'd relax a bit working on a new design for a baby blanket (about half way there). I was doing some of the lace pattern when I thought I'd made a mistake so tinked the row....and again.....and again. Finally got one row done and it was time to pack away as the boys were waking up...but horrors, in packing up, I realised I'd used one 4mm needle instead of a 3.75mm needle. Grrr... So yesterday evening, taking a deep breath and thinking that I just really needed to get a grip, I sat down to it again and tinked the row (the whole 130-odd stitches) and redid with the right size needle and continued on for a merry three more rows until looking at it more closely, I realised I'd made a massive error in a few rows down and had to undo 4 rows of work. Argghhh... Nothing like going to sleep on a feeling of accomplishment!

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